It is with pleasure and gratitude that I share comments on my experience with Frederick Coory of 2% Realty in the listing and sale of my investment property. While I have bought and sold a number of properties, I have encountered a high level of excellence from Frederick.

The experience at each phase of the sales effort was superior, such as innovative efforts in developing prospects, effective showings and proactive facilitation during the sale negotiations/due diligence. All of these tasks, whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity and grace. Thus, I highly recommend Frederick Coory for your residential real estate needs.

Bob Laufer



It was a pleasure working with you Frederick, you made the process of seeking my house very easy. I always felt you had my interest at the forefront and even though a difference in sake price of $10,000 would only make a small change in your commission, you pushed for a higher price with the possibility of a longer time until the sale. The whole process was painless and that was largely in part to your work.

Thank you very much and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others

Lee Forman



Thank you for making the sale of our property such an enjoyable experience. I am so glad I answered your ad on Gumtree. The price you achieved for our place was awesome. Your tireless efforts and personality made it the best-selling experience, ever! We are definitely recommending you personally and 2% Realty to our friends. We hope you and your wife have an amazing Xmas in Paris. Stay in touch. 


Regards from Rick, Linda (and Coops) Wilson



"As I look back, I can see our asking amount for our unit was well over the reasonable market value. We were not locals and misread the market quite badly. When we stated our price to the many agents that contacted us, they quickly left, not even willing to attempt a sale.  The last to call was Frederick. He encouraged us and was the only one willing to advertise our property at our requested highly inflated price. He never gave up, remaining completely positive even though the buyer’s responses indicated overpricing on our part. Unable to do the impossible, but still willing to have a go, Frederick matched us up with the perfect buyer, leaving both them and us very happy with a lesser but fairer settlement price. The majority of estate agents, it would seem, are just focused on turning over properties, earning high commissions and for as little effort as possible. Frederick on the other hand is genuinely concerned about people. We couldn't have asked for a more professional, helpful, hardworking and genuinely caring agent.

We were very pleased with the outcome."


Dennis & Jenny Clark



Who said “you should never trust a stranger!'

I will always remember the vision of this stranger approaching the front door of our home.

Although he was very well presented and looked friendly I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotions I find difficult to describe, as here I was about to welcome this stranger into what had been our family home to my two boys for the last 13 years.

Things were happening fast as the day before the boys had just been told that their dad & I had decided to separate and within a couple of hours he had moved out.

The house was in desperate need of some T.L.C however with finance worries and lack of motivation it got none. I was only just keeping my head above water getting through the day with some normality with the boys, the last thing I wanted was the worry of selling the house. Where would I start and what do I do. It felt all too much so I told myself and had accepted that if the house did sell it might only cover the mortgage and our debts. I wanted the house sold ASAP so I didn't expect to get a cent out of it. I guess in a way I had already walked away from it the day before.

Things were getting worse as I now couldn't pay the mortgage on my own. I was only just managing to put food on the table along with paying a few basic bills. Now I was facing the problem of where do I go with no money and two kids, I felt like I was drowning but I had to save my kids, so I swallowed my pride and  I told you my situation. After all you were only a stranger so why would you care.


From the moment you said "Hi I'm Frederick" I realised that you were not after a quick and easy sale just to get some money. Yes I wanted the house sold ASAP but your honesty, advice and opinions were so very much valued.

What I considered obstacles you didn't, many times I recall you saying 'leave that to me, I'll sort it out” and you did just that. I bet you wished you never said 'just call me if you have any questions etc., as its all part of the job" because I certainly called you a lot. You were always so positive and consistently made time for me and you did it so effortlessly. Your communication and help was nothing short of FANTASTIC.

I disagree with what you said that it’s all part of the job. NO ITS NOT. You went above and beyond what anyone else would have done for us that I am sure of.

Not only did you sell our house within a week, you also enabled me to walk away with money which I never expected. I was honestly amazed with the amount of response to our house that you generated in a couple of days.


Even in those last couple of days when I was at my lowest I've ever been yet again you helped me, actually you saved me.

I had nowhere to move to and to tell my boys that I couldn't put a roof over their heads, well................. Those words were devastating.

I never slept for 2 days with worry and guilt that I didn't have a backup plan should anything happen. I was starting to crumble and I honestly didn't know what the hell to do. I hope I am never in that situation again and also I had no money until after settlement of the house.

I put the boys to bed and after my eyes stopped leaking I phoned you and asked for your help. Time was up and I had nowhere to go.

Our house sale was finalised, YOU didn't have to take my call, but YOU did. Not only that YOU didn't have to help us, but YOU did.

Without you Frederick the boys and I wouldn't be where we are today and the road ahead would be so different.

I am forever grateful to YOU for helping me and the boys. AND NO, WHAT YOU DID IS NOT PART OF THE JOB. IT’S BECAUSE OF YOU I DIDNT DROWN.


Angela Moore



The Professional service we received from Fredrick at 2% Reality was outstanding. He is highly knowledgeable in current pricing and the market as a whole. We really felt like we were part of the process; Fredrick always kept us in the loop and got us a price that we were happy with. I would highly recommend him to anyone that was thinking about selling and we really appreciated his very refreshing “No Bull” approach compared to what the traditional agents serve up.

Sebastian DeCler

We would like to sincerely thank 2% Realty for the incredible service, results, and dedication they have shown towards our properties over the last year. We were very happy with Frederick’s focus, passion, and advice throughout the entire process of selling our first home – and his continued effort to sell our second property. Where other agencies had tried and given up, Fredrick always made us feel like a priority, and persevered to get us the price we wanted. We felt that he truly went above and beyond to find us the perfect buyer – through his action-focused approach, relatable personality, persistent follow ups, and use of all available avenues to target the buyer pool. From the start we knew we were in the right hands, and would recommend Frederick and 2% Realty to others who value great service and integrity.

Nathan White

In late 2014 we met Frederick Coory from 2% Realty. We were immediately impressed with him and his professionalism and invited him to list 2 properties that we were selling. These properties were also listed with another local agent in our area. 2% Realty were the first Company to erect signage and advertise our properties on the internet, and in fact, the other listing Agent cheekily used the photographs that had been taken by 2% Realty for their own purpose. 2% Realty presented a more than acceptable offer on one of our properties within 48 hours of listing and then continued to work tirelessly on the 2nd property for us until it sold a couple of weeks later. We were thrilled with the entire process, to have received the genuine interest and the incredible service for a mere 2% commission makes the other, larger Agencies seem almost mercenary in their methods, we are so glad to have discovered 2% Realty.

Tracy and Rob Warne

We had previously listed our house with other real estate agents and even paid out large sums for advertising for an auction. After many months we still had not sold our property. We received a call from Frederick at 2% Realty, and agreed to meet with him.
I was initially very sceptical – not only was there no charge for professional photo shots, advertising on Real Estate.com or Domain, he also offered a reduced % ‘s rate if a sale eventuated. We signed the relevant paper work and after only a short time Frederick came to us with 3 contracts in the space of a week. After minimal fuss we accepted the highest price and allowed Frederick to organise the procedures to take us to settlement. All of which transpired with no problems and Frederick being ever ready to assist in any way possible. We have since listed our other property with him and recommended him to many of our friends and have only ever had favorable feedback.I have no hesitation in recommending 2% Realty or Frederick Coory personally to sell your property.

Joyce Swan

Hi Frederick, Thank you for your help in the sale of our property. I was happy with your performance on the sale of our property, we have had several real estate agencies trying to sell it for quite a few months and you managed to find a buyer so that is all it matters, the end result was what we were looking for.  All necessary paper work went according to plan and the whole transaction was completed within the time stipulated. I have and will continue to recommend you and use your services again.

Frank Parra

It is an absolute pleasure to provide positive feedback on the professional services of 2% Reality and Frederick Coory.  My beachfront home unit in Surfers Paradise was sold in 4 weeks. Frederick Coory introduced only qualified buyers in a highly professional manner.

John Bohringer

We can totally recommend Frederick Coory of 2% REALTY for any professional dealings regarding selling or buying a home. He showed my wife and I the utmost honesty which we had not experienced in previous agency dealing. He worked with us to get the price we wanted to achieve in selling our home. IN terms of flexibility in fees payable, 2% offered us what you cannot get with the larger companies. We are available to give any type of verbal reference if required. Yours Truly

David Hennessey

Having our home on the market for several months, we had used all the big names in real estate to try and sell our home. When Frederick contacted me, it was obvious he had a level of knowledge and experience we had not seen from the other companies. This was surprising as he charged less also plus offered to pay for advertising. Frederick successfully sold our property, dealing with it in a calm and controlled manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending Frederick of 2% realty and want to thank him for everything he has done to achieve this great result.

Graeme Lawson

I found Frederick very professional, polite and accommodating. He was upfront and very willing to assist where needed. Frederick was always prompt in returning calls and delivering what he proposed. My sale of a Gold Coast unit among hundred’s of other units on the market was sold in a number of months at a fair and reasonable price. Thank you Frederick

Anita Rik

Hello Frederick, We are both happy to have had the experience of firstly meeting you, and then the follow-up; having you help and advise us during what was a very difficult time for us. The sale was made easier by yourself because of your understanding our situation.

Doug and Clova Scarborough

I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Frederick Coory of 2% realty, as a Real Estate Agent, to assist you in the purchase of a real estate holding. Mr Coory handled our recent purchase of a duplex property in Runaway Bay, in an extremely pleasant manner. At the open house that we attended, before our purchase of the property, Mr Coory offered exceptional sales advice/knowledge on the viewed property. He used his prior knowledge of the property to answer all our questions. He was honest with his answers and he did an excellent job with the vendor to secure a sale.He kept all appointments on time and he efficiently handled the building/pest inspection and the cleaning issues associated with the purchased property. Feedback by telephone was always appreciated and this information kept us in the loop with any updated information.

Eric Fisher

I found Frederick to be a phenomenal agent, and one that I highly recommend. I was so pleased with his attitude and dedication that I gladly give his name to anyone I know that is looking to buy or sell. Unlike other real estate agents that I have worked with, Frederick has the best interest of his clients in mind, he was ready and willing to do everything possible to make things happen quickly for us.  If you’re looking for an agent that will work hard for you and truly do everything possible to make your deal work, then Frederick is the person you want to talk to.

Anthia Hubac

We asked Frederick Coory to sell our apartment in Surfers Paradise in 2015. While it did take a while to find the right buyer (because we had not renovated before selling so it was going to be a project for someone) Frederick and his staff took a lot of interested people through the apartment. A few people made offers and we finally accepted a price which we were very happy with. Frederick and his staff were courteous and helpful at all times. Frederick responded to our questions and concerns very promptly. He is a lovely person and we would recommend him and 2%Realty if you want to buy or sell a property.

Karen and George Fiala.